Prof. Sanzhong Luo


1995.9-1999.7   B.Sc.           Zhengzhou University,
1999.9-2002.7   M. Sc.         Department of Chemistry, Nankai University,
2002.9-2004.3   Ph.D.          Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
2004.3-2005.4 Visiting scholar  The Ohio-State University, USA ( P. G. Wang)


2005.7                    Assistant Professor, ICCAS
2007.10-2011.5    Associate Professor and Principal Investigator, ICCAS
2009.1-2009.9      Visiting scholar  Stanford University, USA ( B. M. Trost)
2011.6-present      Professor, ICCAS


2014, National May 4th Youth Medal (“Wu Si” Medal)
2014, Innovation Award for Teaching, ICCAS
2013, Excellence in Research and Management, CAS Beijing Division
2012, National Program for Support of Top-notch Young Professionals
2012, Thieme Journal Award
2011, elected President of Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS (2013, re-elected)
2011, Asia Core Program Lectureship
2010, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar
2009, Lu Jiaxi Young Scientist Award of the Chinese Academy of Science
2008, Young Chemist Award of the Chinese Chemical Society
2007, Rising Star of Science and Technology Research in Beijing


Asymmetric catalysis and synthesis: Our primary research goal is to invent and develop novel enantioselective catalysts that enable transformations with fundamental synthetic interests and broad utility. We’re particularly interested in the development of viable small molecular catalysts that operate through novel activation modes using bio-inspired principles and strategies. Ultimately, we aim:
(1) to develop viable and reliable chiral small molecular catalysts with broad synthetic applications,
(2) to utilize these catalysts and the catalytic reactions in asymmetric total synthesis of natural products,
(3) to disclose the underlying catalytic mechanism and principle as well as the connections between molecular recognition/assembly and selective catalysis.

          Professor Sanzhong Luo  

Add:     2 North No.1 Street, Zhongguancun Institute of Chemistry, CAS(ICCAS), Beijing 100190  P.R.China
Tel:       (+86) 10-6255-4446
Fax:      (+86) 10-6255-4449