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          Dr. Sanzhong Luo
           Professor of Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of         Sciences
          Dr.Sanzhong Luo-

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        Research Assistants      
            Dr. Long Zhang
            B.Sc. Nankai University, 2005
            Ph.D. Nankai University & ICCAS , 2010
            Assistant Professor, ICCAS,2010
            Associate Professor, ICCAS,2013

Dr.Long Zhang-  

            Dr. Jian Lv
            B.Sc. Nankai University, 2004
            Ph.D. Nankai University, 2009
            Post-doc , ICCAS , 2011
            Assistant Professor, ICCAS , 2011
            Associate Professor ICCAS , 2012

Dr.Jian Lv-


       5rd Year Graduate Students    
          Dehong Wang
          B.Sc. Northeast Normal University, 2013
Dehong Wang-
           Lihui Zhu
           B.Sc. Shanxi University, 2011
Lihui Zhu-
            Yang'en You
             B.Sc. Soochow University, 2012
Yang'en You-

       4nd Year Graduate Students

          Zaikun Xue
          B.Sc. Henan Normal University, 2014
          Zaikun Xue-
          Qi Yang
          B.Sc. Xi'an Jiaotong University, 2014
          Qi Yang-
           Longji Li
           B.Sc. Henan University of Science and            Technology, 2013
           M.Sc. Beijing University of Technology, 2016

       3st Year Graduate Students

         Wenzhao Zhang
         B.Sc. University Of Science And Technology Of China, 2015
         Wenzhao Zhang-
          Yaning Wang
          B.Sc. Lan Zhou University, 2015
          Sujia Li
          B.Sc. Hubei University of Chinese Medicine, 2015
          Ruipu Zhang
          B.Sc. Central China Normal University, 2015

       2st Year Graduate Students

          Mao Cai
          B.Sc. Jilin University, 2016
          Mao Cai-
          Yanfang Han
          B.Sc. Central China Normal University, 2016
          Qi Zhang
          B.Sc. Northwest University, 2016

       1st Year Graduate Students

          Qifeng Lin
          B.Sc. Beijing University of Technology, 2017
          Qifeng Lin-
         Zongbin Jia
         B.Sc. Zhengzhou University, 2017